Dreamt in 2D!

Hmm… I haven’t dreamt in a two-dimensional cartoon style in a while… It was a very, very interesting experience! {^-^}

I was up really late reading my latest manga/anime obsession, Skip Beat!, to the point where I almost forgot to go to sleep (despite having a hard day at work). When I finally went to bed, I dreamt that I was actually a character in that manga, and thus a part of ya amazing plot.

Because of this dream, I feel even more motivated than ever! Guys, as you know I haven’t posted many illustrations in a looooooong while.

I am determined to change that!

Creativity is like an oil spring; when you tap into it, it gushes forth and you have all of these ideas rushing out at once. After a while that creativity source dries up and you have to go looking elsewhere for new inspiration.
Words of wisdom from my friend and favorite cousin, Pito. ^-^
Post by Vanessa J. Thompson Illustration & Design.